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How to keep Farmers Market Bouquets Long Lasting

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

I get asked this question a lot at the farmers markets, “how can I make them last longer?”. Here are a few flower care tips to help you keep your farmers market bouquets long lasting.

Preventing bacteria build up: oftentimes when getting a bouquet from the farmers market it’s easy to simply unwrap the arrangement and place it in a vase. Eventually, in 2 - 4 days the water in the vase lessens, yellow brownish water is present, and the flowers start to wither and die. Here are a few tips to help prevent this bacteria build up.

  • Remove Rubber Bands: once you get home take off the rubber bands. This also helps because the rubber bands may be too tight, damaging the stems.

  • Clean Stems: you can also check the bottom of the stems and remove any excess leaves & foliage.

  • Clean Vase: make sure to wash and clean your vase before setting your flowers in.

  • Clean Water: remember to change the water daily so the flowers have fresh drinking water.

Trim: the most important step is trimming the flower stems to increase water uptake.

  • Trimming Stems: make sure to trim the stems daily about 1 inch.

  • Angle Cut: a must is to cut the flower stems at an angle for greater surface area.

Remove dying blooms: cut off dead flower heads to enhance the continual blooms that are still on the stems. This signals the stem to source the water only to thriving blooms.

No direct sunlight: fresh cut flowers survive longer in cooler temperatures. The heat from the sunlight can burn the blooms causing them to wither up. Ideal location for fresh cut flowers are shaded cool areas in the kitchen or living room.

Also note, some flowers are simply not long lasting. At the farmers markets you can look for flowers with good vase life by these qualities

  • Buds: flowers with multiple buds will last longer because they will bloom during the week. Lilies and gladiolus are great examples of flowers with multiple blooms.

  • Not in full bloom: flowers that have not fully bloomed yet will last longer because they will bloom through the week. Best for tulips and peonies.

  • Sturdy flowers: look for flowers like sunflowers, zinnias, asters, carnations, alstroemeria and sweet williams.

  • Dried flowers: oftentimes at the farmers markets you can find flowers that can be dried. They can last up to a year or forever with proper drying. Fresh cut flowers ideal for drying are statice, strawflowers, pussy willow, ornamental grass, and baby’s breath.

I hope you found this information helpful and let me know if you try these tips with your farmers market flower and how long they last.

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