How to keep Farmers Market Bouquets Long Lasting

I get asked this question a lot at the farmers markets, “how can I make them last longer?”. Here are a few flower care tips to help you keep your farmers market bouquets long lasting. Preventing bacteria build up: oftentimes when getting a bouquet from the farmers market it’s easy to simply unwrap the arrangement and place it in a vase. Eventually, in 2 - 4 days the water in the vase lessens, yellow brownish water is present, and the flowers start to wither and die. Here are

How to Arrange a Farmers Market Bouquet

Homemake Gardens flower stand at the Tacoma Broadway Farmers Market In 2018, I hosted a DIY Farmers Market Bouquet workshop at the Seattle Folk Life Festival with the Hmong Association of Washington to help spread awareness about the Hmong Flower Farmers in Washington State. I wanted to share this DIY with you all as well. After 20 years working at my family flower farm, I've arranged a lot of bouquets. Every year I try to improve and find to new ways to arrange them more eff